The 3rd Annual​​
Javelina Stampede

Cross Country  Mountain Bike Race
Saturday,  June 1st. 2019
Emmanual Pines Camp     Prescott, AZ

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This year we are offering a $2,000 Pro Purse!
Divided equally between the Men and Women.

Please read!
No PET'S are allowed on the camp's property. ('s,cat's, honey badger's, etc..) There are full-time resdidents at the camp with their own pet's and there have been issue's in the past. Dog's ARE allowed in the surrounding Prescott National Forest.
XC Course Layout
2019 Race Map is here.
This years course consists of 1-lap of 22 mile's.               
GPX files and Trailforks routes of the XC course can be downloaded or linked to below....
XC Course GPX file
XC Course Trailforks
Camp on site for only $10 per night
(no hookups)
Prefer staying in a cabin?
Contact Emmanuel Pines Camp 928-445-1509 to make reservations
(availability limited)
If you are looking for full hook-up RV sites, Granite Basin is also available and less than three miles from the event. Feel free to contact us for additional information if needed.
My name is Ron Hart, founder and promoter of Chain Events.
I was a Certified Personal Trainer for many years, during which time I discovered mountain biking. I've been mountain biking for 25 years now and hope to ride at least 20 more.  I also enjoy organizing events, so I thought, why not bring these two interests together.  So four years ago Chain Events was born.  Before the inaugural Javelina Stampede in 2017, I promoted The Rock Crusher Classic in Prescott. It was a lot of fun and I met some great people, but I wanted to expand my events to involve riders of all ages and experience levels.

While the first Javelina Stampede in 2017 was only a short-track race, in 2018 a second day was added to include a 22-mile cross country event.  By combining the beautiful surroundings of the Emmanuel Pines Camp with the newly adopted and re-designed trails in The Prescott National Forest, I believe this will be a very fun and memorable race for everyone.  Year #3 2019. This year the course is 1-lap 22 miles in length, encompassing both the new Spence Basin Trails as well as many of the very popular Thumb Butte Trails. I hope to see you there!
What Chain Events is all about...
  1. FUN
    The goal of Chain Events races and rides is to get participants out on their bikes with big smiles on their faces.
    Chain Events feels community is of the utmost importance. We work with local bike shops, sponsors and clubs to help promote the riding here in Prescott, AZ.
    Our events are all professionally timed and monitored ensuring you the best race course experience possible.
    Our goal is to let riders ride and eliminate hassle. Our registration is simple and scheduling allows participants to have a hassle free day with friends and competitors.
  5. VALUE
    Chain Events strives to give you the most for your entry fee. Prizes, schwag, occasional lap bonuses and all sorts of extra perks.
    Prescott has some of the best riding opportunities available in Arizona. Chain Events looks forward to sharing these special trails and places with you.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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2017 Event Photos​​
(click pics for full size gallery)
  1. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  2. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  3. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  4. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  5. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  6. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  7. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  8. 2017  Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  9. 2017  Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  10. 2017  Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  11. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  12. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  13. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  14. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede
  15. 2017 Javelina Stampede
    2017 Javelina Stampede

2019 Javelina Stampede XC Race Results

Pro/Cat 1 Men

Cat 2 Men​

1st Place: 1:38:17 Travis Tillery
2nd Place:1:43:15 Brandon Eubanks
3rd Place: 1:52:46 Rob Clark
4th Place: 1:53:03  Charles Wilson
5th Place: 1:59:23 Grant Parris
6th Place: 1:59:39 Timothy Conally
7th Place: 2:00:43 Martin Apolinar
8th Place: 2:07:23 Conner Rosborough
9th place: 2:15:32 Mike Frascone
​10th Place: DNF Travis Epperson
Single Speed Men

1st Place:  1:47:58 Dan Hight
2nd Place: 1:53:44 Daniel Cox
3rd Place:  1:57:55 David Calleja
4th Place:  1:58:34 Billy McMillen
5th Place:  2:03:05 Brian haggit
​6th Place:  2:06:07  Steve Taranowski
Junior Boys 14-17

1st Place:  1:37:21 Nathan Bigelow
2nd Place: 1:38:46  Thomas Fabian
3rd Place: 1:40:45 Preston Norbury
4th Place: 1:40:48 Dane Bigelow
5th Place: 1:49:27 Ethan Wright
6th Place: 1:58:09 Liam Clark (10-13yr old)
7th Place: 2:07:34 Daxton Hedge
8th Place: 2:09:43 Luke Harris
9th place: 2:48:03 Shivek Gothwal
1st Place:   1:28:58 Kyle Trudeau
2nd Place: 1:29:32 Spencer Ciammitti
3rd Place:  1:29:59 Kurt Refsnider
4th Place:  1:31:09 Trevor Olson
5th Place:  1:34:46 Grayson Hughes
6th Place:  1:35:05 Ethan Krafft
7th Place:  1:36:32  Jonathon Barlow
8th Place:  1:37:43  TJ Woodruff
9th Place:  1:42:22 Brice Smith
10th Place: 2:01:32 Jason Clark
Rock Crushers

1st Place:  1:58:59 Tyler Prehn
2nd Place: 1:59:07 Herb Rosborough
3rd Place:  2:09:59 Greg McCallum
4th Place:  2:28:01 Henry Brumbach
5th Place:  2:53:57 Brennan Johnstone
6th Place:  2:53:58 Matt Fay
7th Place:  Duff McCampbell
Junior Girls

1st Place: 2:45:15 Alissa Dent
​​Pro/Cat 1 Women
1st Place: 1:47:59 Ellie Krafft
2nd Place:1:48:28 Cecilia Depue
3rd Place: 1:54:56 Zaydie Croy

Distinguished Gentlemen 60+

1st Place:  1:42:37 Willam Pepper
2nd Place: 2:00:58 Steve Becker
3rd Place: 2:09:29 Rob Hehlen
4th Place: 2:11:17 Gary Stewart
5th Place: 2:25:17 Billy Broadfoot
6th Place: 2:15:50 Steve Alward
7th Place: 2:17:45 Mike Miller
​8th Place: 2:38:24 James Olson
Cat 3 men

1st Place:  2:00:59 Mark Neuman
2nd Place: 2:02:11 Brendan Skousen
3rd Place:  2:07:11 Michael McNulty
4th Place:  2:18:09 Jeff Ratkovich
5th Place:  2:19:18 Randy Harris
6th Place:  2:19:37 Tim Day Jr.
7th Place:  2:25:44 Justin Goodson
8th Place:  2:38:21 Robert Walker
9th Place:  2:59:41 James Valdez
​10th Place: 3:29:18 John Liteer
Cat 2 Women

1st Place:  2:03:28 Karlene Olson
2nd Place: 2:06:48 Sandi Scrimgeor
3rd Place:  2:14:04 Laura Kyriakakis
​4th Place:  2:37:51Paula Moolhuyzen
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